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Adventure Learning

experiential and practical learning through adventurous activities, tours and learning camps


Adventure Learning is about self-discovery, life-exploration, experiential research, practical knowledge and skills building. Learners who graduate from the Adventure Learning graduate with proven competencies, expanded capabilities and strong characters.

What is Adventure Learning with AMI?

Adventure Learning is a practical and experiential learning marathon designed by Acme Mastering Institute to provide an exciting, effective and optimum learning journey.

This program is designed for everyone. It carries with it transformational benchmarks and milestones that engrave the learning and change journey. Its like you are the tourist, explorer, visitor, host, teacher, student, observer and leader at the same time. Walk this marathon with The Mastering Institute. 


Why take an Adventure with us!

Because our Adventure Learning program takes your soaring through minds, lifestyles, cultures, experiences and encounters that may otherwise take a lifetime to harness. Is there more?

Yes! There is more. Every corner of experience you meet along this life-transforming and empowering journey leads to great learning. Why learn with theories when the world around us is inviting. Adventure Learning is experiential and self-exploring as you feel the space of life around you. No need to remember what you learn; you are the total remembrance because you become your success through this transformational and empowering journey.

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Enjoy Learning, Discovery, Interactions, Collaborations and Priceless Intercultural Experiences.