How to achieve Success and Modern Business Brand Appeal

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How to achieve Success and Modern Business Brand Appeal

You may have encountered, very likely, medical doctors who equally provide poor service delivery, how they interact with the patient is not even complete. They look what they look for, write what they write and walk away and tell the nurse to do the rest of the job. While the medical faculty in the world has not necessarily taught to be a social friend to the patient where they’ll collaborate and ask “hey! what did you have for dinner?”, “how are you feeling?”, “how are you doing?”, “how is home?”, “how is your job?” and all that stuff, we understand that there has not been such training or perhaps it is in fact recommended that you don’t go that far? I have no idea! But when it comes to the patient who is your client, they must be able to understand diagnosis of what is happening with their life, unless they are a child and they are not able to comprehend because there is an adult that represents them.

Otherwise, a patient must be able to appreciate the fact that you have found this challenge, these problems and these are the steps that have been taken. If there are three tests that are being around this person’s body or blood or organ they must be informed and they must be informed why and that when we find this, then we’ll know what to do or that there are three options available and that if there is something that the patient has to sign for they must also be informed fully.

A medical doctor who simply visits a patient for three minutes and walks away without even talking to the patient. And the talk is not about the social issue, it’s about service delivery. The talk is not a greeting: one may say we have not time to greet and that’s why am walking away from it. The talk is about being able to carry out a full diagnosis. Simply looking at the individual is incomplete in understanding the situation of the patient. Full diagnosis cannot be based on mere observation and tests; you need to converse with the individual.

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