How to Build & Manage Your Organisation (NGO) from the Start

Orphanage, Community Org., Faith Org., Club, Association, Civil Society, Women, Youths, Children

with Master Chimbala


How to Build Your Own Charity and Humanitarian Organization from Zero

Concepts, Constitution, Policies, Partnerships, Administration, The Board, NGO Registration, Programmes and Projects, Community Outreaches, Finances, Fundraising, Activities, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Learning and Sustainability.

DATE: Thursday, 20th June to Friday 21st June 2024.

TIME: 08:30 hours to 17:00 hours, Daily.

VENUE: Acme Mastering Institute


(inclusive of meals, refreshments, materials, training and certificates of participation)

About the Workshop

How to Build Your Own Charity and Humanitarian Organization from Zero


This workshop focuses on how to refine your humanitarian idea in order to achieve the height of an NGO, orphanage, welfare home, street kids program, community outreach project, faith based organization, community initiative or any form of social organization. 

Focus Areas

  • Defining the purpose of the organization
  • Setting up the Mission, Vision and Objectives of the orgnaization
  • Leadership and management structures
  • Registrations, affiliations and statutory obligations (PACRA, NGOs Registrar, Societies Registrar, Ministry of Youth – NYDC, ZRA, NAPSA, Local Council Office, Fire, NHIMA etc)
  • Programmes and projects in the organization
  • Understanding target groups, ages, beneficiaries, constituents and communities
  • Memberships, partnerships, collaborations
  • Fundraising, donations and finance
  • Documentation, branding, stationery
  • Secretariat, office, people, operations, administration, communication, records
  • Media, promotions, online footprint, publicity and brand appeal
  • Planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting
  • The Launch

Word from the Lead Trainer

My name is Master Chimbala. I have been in the civil society circles since 1997 when I first served as a Consultant Trainer and Youth Worker delivering training workshops and talks in schools, colleges and universities across Zambia. As a creative presenter and speaker I took lead in shaping innovative works for enhanced training delivery and innovative learning encounters. 

I have also worked with various other organizations in different intercultural and international communities in helping them achieve establishment, great branding, growth and efficient operations. Building an effective and relevant organization takes various key steps and ingredients. My approach to helping you achieve that stems from  my diverse background in works, outreaches, travels, consultancy, management and leadership spaces. As a trainer, faciliator and coach I have spend several years sharpening the craft of delivering a great learning experience to companies, individuals, organizations and communities.

I currently serve as the Master Trainer and Coach for the Acme Mastering Institute ( which carries out coaching, training, talks and mentorship for various firms and organizations. Over a decade ago I founded Dynamic Masterpiece ( – a multimedia company that provides services including television and radio productions, publishing, website creations, virtual services, social media management, PR, customer relations services, media consultancy and more. Today, I serve as a board member and leader in over 15 organizations and brands (

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