Intensive Entrepreneurship Training Course

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with Master Chimbala


Intensive Entrepreneurship Training Course

DATE: Thursday, 18th July to 20th July 2024.


VENUE: Acme Mastering Institute, Lusaka


(inclusive of accommodation, meals, refreshments, materials, training, learning handouts and certificates of participation)

Public Speaking is a key quality in every personal, business and professional development journey. It is an absolute necessity in community environments, business spaces, public activities, leadership services, outreaches, projects and social works. One’s influence is best measured through their power to effect influence through public appearances, presentations and speeches. This training workshop is a practical and goal-focused interaction encounter that explore skills building, experience sharing, competence enhancement and maximization of exposure. It is designed for all players in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, community and management operations.

Learning Materials, Hand-Outs, Refreshments, Snacks, Certificates of Participation

More About the Workshop

Intensive Entrepreneurship Training Course

Elevating your entrepreneurial game to high levels.

All steps and corners of life need your public speaking to be sharpen and effective. Some people believe that public speaking is just for some careers and situations. The truth is greatly so differently opposite than that. All career journeys require enhanced Public Speaking abilities for progress to be achieved. This includes persons in leadership, administration, public relations, spokesperson, marketing, sales, leadership, entrepreneurship and several other fraternities to mention.

Public Speaking is key in every career, business, leadership and personal development journeys of life. It is a key necessity in professional environments, business spaces, public activities, leadership services, outreaches, projects and community work. One’s influence is best measured through their power to effect influence through public appearances, presentations and speeches. This training workshop is practical, and goal focused.

With this workshop, I know you shall enjoy your Public Speaking journey. Too many times we postpone your desire to step and improve our public speaking skills. This time is the moment to activate that pending joy of learning and increasing the levels of growth in Public Speaking.

Workshop Goals

By the end of the workshop you, the participant shall have:

  • Increased your public speaking confidence
  • Found your voice on the podium
  • Improved your posture, gestures, movements and eye contact
  • Customized your version of a powerful outlook for scenario presentations
  • Sharpened your voice production and management for quality speech delivery
  • Faced your fears and crossed the bridge to self-confidence
  • Learnt how to shape and deliver effective speeches in the thematic areas of your interests

Workshop Key Outline Points

The workshop shall carry you through various practical steps and angles of lessons. The primary design of this workshop is fully practical from start to finish. Nowadays it is easy to get information from so many places. Many times, it’s the practical and guided learning process that is needed to find and found yourself towards personal development. This workshop provides exactly that inch of taste on your journey of Public Speaking. The following are some of the other areas of focus:

  1. The Element of Purpose
  2. The Element of Time
  3. The Element of Appearance
  4. The Element of Language
  5. The Element of Voice
  6. The Element of Preparation
  7. The Element of Confidence
  8. The Element of Audience
  9. The Element of Content
  10. The Element of Gadgets, Aids and Props
  11. The Element of Delivery
  12. The Element of Feedback
  13. The Element of Evaluation

About the Trainer

Master Chimbala is a renowned and celebrated icon in community outreaches, media innovations, consultancy and in the delivery of training for over 20 years. He has delivered inspirational talks, transformational workshops, life coaching and mentorship for various organizations and communities. His experiences in media span a trek of 15 years and his training activities begun about 24 years ago, from civil society to corporate spaces in Zambia and beyond.

Master Chimbala has since founded the Acme Mastering Institute ( which carries out coaching, training, talks and mentorship for various firms and organizations. He also established the Dynamic Masterpiece ( – a multimedia company that provides services including television and radio productions, publishing, website creations, virtual services, social media management, PR, customer relations services, media consultancy and more.

Chimbala has 2 published books, over 30 business websites, social media platforms, a thousand plus articles, poems and other works of art. His humanitarian efforts of over 2 decades have founded the Master Chimbala Foundation (, an organization that works to improve the lives of children, youths and families in communities.

The diverse brand of Master Chimbala has been shaped into a brilliant magazine concept which runs online ( and in print for the purposes of sharing knowledge, inspiration, opportunities and guidance.

Master brings his long-time mastery to the space of Public Speaking. As an MC (Master of Ceremonies) with 28 years of experience in the fun trade his voice goes beyond voice-overs and adverts on radio and television. His power to captivate a viewer alike a listener has given success to his media presentations, public speeches and appearances. MC has brought great energy and innovation to media spaces including the freedoms of Newscasting, the creativity in general TV presenting, the confidence in Talk Show hosting, the endless entertainment value in game show deliveries and the ingenuity in reality shows conceptualization, productions and presentation.

Master Chimbala’s ability to connect with people enhances the achieving power to coach and train participants in workshops such as this great one. The avenues of Master’s emotional intelligence, character and personality simply inspire effective positive learning and change for participants in a given environment.


Learning Materials, Hand-Outs, Refreshments, Snacks, Certificates of Participation


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