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Learn to count the eggs that you have in a basket and hope for the best that the hatching of the eggs gives you the chickens that you are aspiring to have in your goals but be careful not to count the rotten eggs, the broken eggs, the condemned eggs or any of those seeds that have no hope for the future. In being able to see where you can harvest and where you cannot harvest you are able to see how the numbers can support your mission in life, if this is a garden you are able to know how many meals you can produce out of the vegetables you have and also what spaces are empty where you need to plant more seeds.

If it is a principle of time management, you’ll be able to see which times you are allocating and so be able to see which areas have viable time allocation versus which others require to be programmed. Such understanding informs your goal setting process in a way that you become more inspired to be clear about what you need to do and what you need not to do with your time, with your life, with your goals and with your resources.

Obstacles are a great opportunity; they are an opportunity to see in the mirror your life, your story, your journey. Obstacles enable you to grow. Obstacles are not just events of personal feeling and emotions and intellectual challenges or events of failure and loss, obstacles can be internal within yourself whether in your mind or events around your life within the network of your community such as your family or maybe within your career prospects and pursuits such as your job where you are, where you are working or maybe at school where you are studying in primary or secondary or tertiary institutions or maybe it is in the mixture of everything or maybe it is your marriage. There are many things that will be or cause obstacles around your life and obstacles around your life does not mean just things are unhappy. An obstacle is not obstacle when you encounter it or when you encounter a thing from where, about which and at which you face the obstacle. Without that experience, there is no obstacle.

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