Learn to count the eggs that you have in a basket and hope for the best that the hatching of the eggs gives you the chickens that you are aspiring to have in your goals but be careful not to count the rotten eggs, the broken eggs, the condemned eggs or any of those seeds that have no hope for the future. In being able to see where you can harvest and where you cannot harvest you are able to see how the numbers can support your mission in life, if this is a garden you are able to know how many meals you can produce out of the vegetables you have and also what spaces are empty where you need to plant more seeds.

If it is a principle of time management, you’ll be able to see which times you are allocating and so be able to see which areas have viable time allocation versus which others require to be programmed. Such understanding informs your goal setting process in a way that you become more inspired to be clear about what you need to do and what you need not to do with your time, with your life, with your goals and with your resources.

Obstacles are a great opportunity; they are an opportunity to see in the mirror your life, your story, your journey. Obstacles enable you to grow. Obstacles are not just events of personal feeling and emotions and intellectual challenges or events of failure and loss, obstacles can be internal within yourself whether in your mind or events around your life within the network of your community such as your family or maybe within your career prospects and pursuits such as your job where you are, where you are working or maybe at school where you are studying in primary or secondary or tertiary institutions or maybe it is in the mixture of everything or maybe it is your marriage. There are many things that will be or cause obstacles around your life and obstacles around your life does not mean just things are unhappy. An obstacle is not obstacle when you encounter it or when you encounter a thing from where, about which and at which you face the obstacle. Without that experience, there is no obstacle.

Obstacle is not the status it’s an apparent attribute or variable that manifests at the interaction of you versus the encounter. When a person with disabilities is asleep, as long as the disability doesn’t affect him or her in their sleep, in that state there is no obstacle until you experience an encounter. A person on a wheel chair will face a sense of an obstacle when they approach a building that may not have access for a wheel chair. In that sense it is not to claim that a person with disabilities without facing such an encounter does not have disabilities but that the obstacle that appears in their interaction with an entity or access to a building faces such a situation. A blind person in their sleep doesn’t suffer from being blind because their sight is not relevant in the sleep. A person with a billion monies to spend for the whole life of one thousand years doesn’t have much value of that money in their personal life beyond 100 years because they can only live up to a 100 years.

So at every venture, good or bad, there is a measure and a measuring point at which something is positive, useful, helpful or worthless depending on where you stand. An obstacle can be an opportunity or it can also be a disastrous situation for you depending, again, on where you stand. Changing your mind-set to be humble enough within yourself to submit yourself to the evaluation process that analyses all things equal, all things normal, all things sober enables you to see clearly what needs to be changed, what need to be adjusted around your life. Be honest with your assessment so that your evaluations inform your positive transformation of self.

There are many people who run their lives on the premise of jumping and evading their weaknesses or their weak spots and this is a huge deal. For many years in my therapeutic activities with young people and old people alike you’ll find a person who has challenges in pronouncing a word in a particular language especially English in our territory and then they will not learn the word or continue to use it broken or unbroken instead they will ignore it. They may find alternative words that cannot be totally and completely thrown away because they will come up in the book you are reading or writing and you can’t always replace words because liberty does not provide for that luxury and in the end it will never be one word, it will be a scar upon your intellectual competence and capacity.

There are areas of your intellectual life that may never develop or grow simply because you are bound by one event, one word, one situation or one understanding you never could capture before. Creating a debt in your life where you have not paid it and every day in your interactions it is asking you to settle it is causing a scar on your intellectual competency and capacity in a manner that disables your ability to grow within those fraternities.

The greatest measure of fear when it comes to blocks that fail us or bridges we can’t cross or rivers that are too wide for us to be able to swim through or cut across in challenges that seem too high or seemingly impossible for us to surpass, the greatest measure of trouble is that the awareness of conviction in our hearts and minds is too deep and too great for us to see victory at the end of the thought. Our minds patterns are constantly designed to believe that the height of problems is the gravity of failure. That the evidence of other people having failed or ourselves having failed is the premise upon which we are guaranteed failure. That the repetition of failure is pronounced by our very step in trying to do what others have failed or we’ve failed before. In short, obstacles in whatever kind will appear so magnanimous in size, in stature, in history in legacy.

We hold the legacy of power when it comes to obstacles, we are obstructed from being able to do what we have to do because we have a deeper conviction that we are bound to fail based on evidences around our own track records versus the observed track record of other people or other businesses. In pursuing a better life, acknowledge all your challenges and fears, embrace all your weakness and losses never escape or evade the areas of your weaknesses, the areas of your failures, the areas of your low motivation, the areas of your incompetence’s and the areas of your inadequacies. It is, in a version of failure and the premise of such that avoiding or ignoring your weaknesses or negative vibes you constitute the inability to grow, to change and overcome those weaknesses. Admittance of guilt is a premise upon which elements of forgiveness, repentance or transformation and letting go are built upon.

Without being able to accept your failure, your wrong, your weakness, your inadequacy, you will not be able to make a change in that area that requires the change. By simply saying that am not good at public speaking, or I have poor confidence as individual or my self-esteem is quiet below par, or I am not able to run a group of ten people of management, then you will not be able to look for those solutions or skills or lessons or coaching or mentorship activities that are required for you to empower yourself to learn how to manage a team or run an organization with ten members or ten board members or ten committee members or ten staff members or just whatever group that you need to run with. You will have total inadequacy to do that because you have blocked yourself from acknowledging those weaknesses.

So every days’ are new and are fresh and provides different forms of opportunity for any individuals, organization or business to develop. Each person or each entity will see the promises of what each day brings, the challenges that each day presents and, of course, different opportunities that that particular moment offers. In trying to escape the dangers, fears, the losses of the past, we learn how to embrace a new day. But our lessons are often cut short as we overwhelm ourselves with what to do today without fully learning what we did yesterday or what we did not do yesterday. In learning fully and understanding totally our past we empower our today in order to equip a better tomorrow.

There are many times that we fail and we realise that the things we do fail are things that we may have tried once, twice or thrice or many more times before. Failure is not just based on how new this event or adventure is. Failure is not just it’s a new goal or a great goal. The management of one billion kwachas versus the management of one thousand kwachas may be quiet similar while the investment may be related to buying a mine or a factory or establish an industry that will employ 7 thousand people out of an investment of one billion kwachas. The one thousand kwachas doesn’t offer you those things, you may not even anybody, not even yourself. But the mind-set of being able to pay for services to one person which could be yourself with a twenty kwachas per hour, per day or forty kwachas per week or per month is the same as paying services for a thousand more people in the same manner. Charity begins at home is a concept that just doesn’t mean ‘home’, as in house, it also represents the beginnings, it represents foundations, it represents starting points.

If you manage your small business in the most professional and sensible manner, in growth or in growing your business or your organizations you will learn how to expand with the same discipline, same structure and same organizational mechanisms. Therefore, in fostering a better tomorrow we must always learn fully from our past. The learning is not about whether the past was good or bad, not at all. The learning is so that today and tomorrow are built upon a foundation of growth. Growth is not because things have increased, growth is because things have changed. There are many times that we believe that additional money or income represents success. That additional resources represents winning. That additional concurrent accomplishments represents the definition of success. Actually not! Success is more related to building capacity for fulfillment, sustainability, growth and the capacity to manage the same said success. There are many people who have accumulated and lost because accumulation in itself is not achievement.

True success is embodied in the character that you become as you embrace as realise those successes. And so it is important to learn from the past, not just to amass more or to enrich yourself further or increase what great things you have accomplished. But in fact and instead to aspire, motivate, inform and educate your character development as you embody being the entrepreneur, the career person, the youth, the leader or whatsoever aspirations you carry about your life. Learn from your past, grow from what has been and ensure that in learning, you are not the only specimen that gives you learning.

Learning from the past is about your life events and many others in your family, in your church, in your community, in your organizations and others from afar that you read about in books, on the internet, in articles and people that have shared their personal lives or informational biographies you learn from everything and you become that one thing at best or at great.

I Wish you well!

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