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Mentorship Programmes

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Mentorship programs are long-term packaged curricula delivered in groups that form teams or classes, among students of related interests, age-groups, educational circles and aspirations. Group mentorship programs run from one week to 12 weeks per complete intake. Mentorship content is diverse, holistic and comprehensive. Acme primarily delivers impactful training with great Mentors, Coaches, Speakers and Trainers.

Entrepreneurship Success Mentorship

Mentoring entrepreneurs from zero to business success.

Student Success Mentorship

Mentoring students towards careers success.

Teen Life Mentorship

Mentoring teenagers aged from 13 to 19 years.

Child Life Mentorship

Mentoring children up-to the age of 12 years.

Community Mentorship

Mentorship adolescents and youths for a holistic life.

Transformational Mentorship

Mentoring candidates along a life-changing journey.

Healing Mentorship

Mentoring towards healing, restoration and rejuvenation.

Motivational Mentorship

Mentoring candidates towards an inspired life.

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Your Learning Journey with us

1. Enrollment

Simply pick your program and register for enrollment.

2. Platforms & spaces

Our programs are delivered via various platforms and media.

3. Curriculum & Goals

Know the goals and content of your chosen program.

4. Learning Materials

Learning materials are provided to every enrolled learner.

5. Logistics

Equipment, materials and logistics are provided for all.

6. Graduation Certificates

Participants graduate with certificates of participation.

Master's Mentorship (MM)

building beyond character

Enroll in the Master's Mentorship Journey, running online with Master Chimbala.

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