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Our Commitment

We are committed to seeing you and your team walk through transformative and empowering learning experiences.

Learning without achieving desired change is irrelevant. Our training and coaching program are designed to inspire new ways of thinking, reshaped perspectives of understanding, dynamic patterns of innovative responses and effective strategies of feedback.  

To Learn Is To Change

We believe in delivering learning that leads to effective and positive change.

Our efforts in developing learning content, processes, systems and teams are inspired by the desire to realize more successful, sustainable, sober, effective and developing society.

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  • Motivational Leadership Courses
  • Public Speaking and Confidence Building
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Assertiveness, Goal-Setting and Positive Thinking Courses
  • Career Building and Great Curriculum Vitae Designing Skills
  • Confidence Building and Public Speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Remarkable TV News Casting
  • Building the Art of Fruitful Conversations
  • Conflict Management and Peace-making
  • Team Building and People Dynamics Course
  • Character Development
  • Productivity, Human Resources Development and Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Rights, Gender, Democracy and Civic Education Courses
  • Discipleship and Stewardship
  • Psycho-Social Counselling
  • Behavioral Change Courses
  • Social Justice
  • Report Writing Skills
  • Constitution and Policy Development
  • Institutional Branding Documentation
  • Business Corporate Branding and Comprehensive Marketing Rollout Strategies
  • Strategic Action Planning Course
  • Business Plan and Business Proposal Development Courses
  • Project Proposal, Planning, Implementation,
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Skills
  • Customer Success and Business Brand Appeal
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Leadership Course
  • Effective Leadership
  • Successful Customer Relations
  • Business Brand Appeal
  • Social Media Management
  • CSR Projects Management
  • Motivational Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Training of Trainers/ Facilitation Skills Course
  • Talks, Training and Coaching
  • Business Concepts & Development

Our Training & Coaching Team

William Chintu,

Spirituality, Law, Education, Int'l Business & Conflict

Dr. Moreblessings,

Careers, Health Care, Social Welfare

Zindaba Mwanza,

Int'l Social Networking, Media, Youth, Economics, Business Management

Yirga Assefa,

Law, Communities, Charity, Education

Rose Zulu Lowa,

Youth Work, Law, Governance, Arts, Media

Master Chimbala,

Media, Learning & Change, Entrepreneurship

Given the right learning experience, packaged in the right manner, delivered in the right training and coaching process, provided in the right environment, managed in the right intervals and strategically knitted in the right key aspects that meet learning needs capacities, all learners are a success story.

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Some of Our Partner Brands

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Dynamic Masterpiece

Media, Events, Marketing, Communications

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Savannah Intercultural Institute

Community Mentorship

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Zaviva Limited

Community Enterprise Initiatives

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Ignite Life Rehabilitation

Rehab Outreaches, Media Content, Education, Therapies & Advocacy

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Master Chimbala Foundation

Children, Youths, Families, Communities, Climate, Livelihoods

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Inspire Keys

Online Multimedia Learning Library

Remember to Grow Every Day

Our mission is to help you grow into your success as you strategically pursue your desired goals.