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Enhance Your Confidence & Public Speaking Skills

DATE: Saturday, 22nd May 2021.

Public Speaking is key in every personal development journey of life. It is a key necessity in professional environments, business spaces, public activities, leadership services, outreaches, projects and community works. One’s influence is best measured through their power to effect influence through public appearances, presentations and speeches. This training workshop is practical and goal-focused. 


Become a Vibrant & Unique Newscaster for TV, Radio & Online Platforms

DATE: Saturday, 5th June 2021.

The concept of news story-telling is simply beautiful. This workshops shall pursue experiential exposure to News-casting for various media spaces with all the necessary equipment available in the training. The training process shall cultivate talents and skills to achieve one’s version of a brilliant Newscaster for audio, radio, online and television news-casting.


Become an Outstanding & Successful TV & Online Show Presenter

DATE: Saturday, 19th June 2021 > 13:00 to 17:00 hours

This workshops explores the key traits that equip and empower the modern TV & Online Show presenter to achieve their top-cream goals in media presentations. No matter how bad or great a TV Show  idea, the presenter determines its true power for success. In this workshop we take practical activities of TV & Online presenting for today’s media arts and effectiveness.



Become a Successful Published Book Author

DATE: Saturday, 19th June 2021 > 08:30 to 11:30

In this workshop the trainers shall take you from your raw level and build your writing from a wish, idea, concept to establishing your writing mission and goals. You shall learn the key elements of successful book writing and publishing. You shall also get exposed to different stories of failure and success in the self-book-publishing on our market today. By the end of the training workshop you shall create your book writing and publishing blueprint which shall lead you towards success. Dynamic Masterpiece (in Media and Publishing) shall also be on hand to enroll you into a diverse deal for book publishing, promotions, launch, branding, publicity, media appearances, website development, video production and photography.

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