Specialized Training

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About Acme's Specialized Training

Acme Mastering Institute's SPECIALIZED TRAINING delivers learning encounters that speak to the needs of an organization, project, process, system and character. The learning content and process of delivery are informed and inspired by the needs and goals of the organization or individual.

Participants are engaged in a journey that carries relevant thematic direction, activities, content and experiences. This therefore ensures great learning as it harnesses the participant’s own desire for change and growth as related to their organizational and personal needs. We are always excited to help clients find the best course of dealing with their challenges and development goals through training and coaching adventures. Change, progress and success require new thinking, refreshed attitudes and inspired strategies. Let us help.

Let’s help you build your brand.

Specialized Training

Personal Brand Development & Management

Shaping your personal Brand Identity, Self-Image, Confidence and Growing Your Brand Success with a Legacy

No matter what you think, wish or intend, your brand seats in the public audience that surrounds your life. A personal brand is one of the most important factors of personal development because it constitutes critical areas of life including work, relationships, business, products, services, opportunities, family, community, identity, future, prospects, and legacy. You do not need to escape the journey of personal brand. It is a healthy and positive thing. In our work, we help professionals, politicians, artists, celebrities, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs and more. The inescapable truth is that growth and success require the right branding which help you to manage and sustain your new success status plus beyond.

Specialized Training

First Aid, CPR, Health Safety & Emergency Response

Customized training content in First Aid, CPR, Health Safety, and Emergency Response Services. Acme training content is designed around the key objectives of a given situation and organization. Participants are required to foster the same outlined goals in order to achieve the desired quality of graduated learners. Practical learning experiences are core in the setup of the training programmes. Participants are therefore required to commit to the full training schedule, content and learning journey.

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Tailor-Made Training

Let us deliver customized training experiences designed around your organizational needs and goals.