Shaping the personal leadership & characters of teenagers

Teen Life Mentorship

heart and mind for every teenager to shine


Why Teen Life Mentorship?

Because growing up is NOT just adding numbers of days and years to your life; it is more than that. What someone shall become tomorrow does not depend on what they can afford to eat or enjoy today....

Teen Life Mentorship takes teenagers through a self-exploring journey of self-awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, love and gratitude. It is an adventurous learning path that help young people reconcile with their past and develop their characters towards self-reliance, will, discipline, professional aspiration, innovation and global appreciation. 

Start with Your-Self Foundations

Self-awareness, respect, acceptance & love.

Career Focus
& Success

A learning path to personal career success

& Behaviours

Develop and follow a healthy lifestyle code.

Principles, Culture
& Discipline

Design personal life ethics, standards & principles

Take the Lead
Thinking Global

Unlimitedly aspire, innovate, forecast & aim.

Mentoring young people is the longest journey we have enjoyed through our partner brands exceeding 15 years now.

Let's make them win better than our generous.

We believe in inspiring the future.

The entire Teen Life Mentorship journey is practical, therapeutic, goal-based, collaborative and inspirational.

We take the journey of believing in each and every teen, and in their power to achieve greatness in their own circle of aspirations and happiness.

Take a STEP Now

Steps to Enrollment & Graduation

Know and understand details of this program. 


Apply by getting intouch via website, phone-call or email. (for contact details go to Contact Us page)


After providing necessary details you shall receive an acceptance letter, details of the program and access details for the participant/s.


The participant commences to be part in mentoring journey and activities.


All participants complete the program until graduation where they are awarded Certificates of Completion.

Start building their foundation today

The greatest gift we can give to our children is their own capacity for innovation, aspiration, determination, will, thriving, resilience, decision-making, critical thinking, inner-inspiration, self-discipline and positive personal leadership.

Our Mentoring Team

Our team of mentors comprises different people of formidable characters, career accomplishments, entrepreneurial success, family values, emotional intelligence and valid leadership prominence.