Personal Transformation & Development

Cultivating Character and Personal Leadership for Success


The Comprehensive Personal Development Mastery Course is a learning marathon developed by Acme Mastering Institute.

The course is packaged along an intake which runs for 3 months/( 90 days/ 12 weeks). Students can register for 1 to 4 intakes at a given time. As Acme, we believe that great learn must be appreciative of the diversities of the participants. The Master Internship program is a rigorous journey that takes into account different goals which seek for particular personal, professional, organizational, business, career and self-growth goals. Students are enrolled into the courses using through analyses of their interest and capabilities. 

TOP QUALITIES of the Master Internship

Growth Exploration

Master Internship cultivates talents, skills, passions, experiences for enhanced personal and professional development.

Coaching & Mentorship

Candidates acquire effective skills coaching and life mentorship by experts and success icons of diverse circles and industries.

Professional Assessment

Corporate and professional assessments, reports and recommendations to employees, learning institutions and others.


Candidates engage in team work, leadership roles, partnerships, self-supervision and group tasks to meet the obligations of internship.

Work Volume

Candidates are required to fulfill specific work hours, targets, milestones and impact in various areas of focus and goals.

Completion & Graduation

Candidates are awarded certificates, recommendation letters and other key documentation required at their source organization.

The Master Internship Program gives you Limitless Learning and Great Opportunities

Make a heart and mind decision to jump into this life-equipping marathon.

What will you find in the Master Internship programs?

Acme Mastering Institute explores learning and inspiration at the foundation of human development paths.

Internship presents a pivotal measure of strength in inculcating knowledge, shaping skill, sharing inspiration, exhibiting exemplariness, pitching key life perspectives and fashioning minds and lifestyles. The Master Internship program is designed with diverse and practical journeys that are strategically packaged to yield positive transformation and personal growth of participating interns.

Internship TEAMS and CLASSES.
Quarterly Calendar Intakes
Yearly Internship Key Tasks
Outreach Targets
Media Outreach
Chapters of Captured Learning

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“Thanks for the life-changing mentorship I got from the Institute. My life has been inspired and re-energized. I am now looking at key focus areas of my future!”


Kelvin Mambwe


“It’s the little things that matter, most often. My life has a blessed and new perspective because of the journey I took with the Mastering Institute. Endless thanks!”


Mildred Lunda

Community Worker